Eco-Friendly Precast Foundation Walls Will Support Your Build

Since 1997, GLSW has stood the test of time. Our precast foundation walls in Hamilton, MI, are the trusted foundation of homes and businesses across the northern states and beyond. Our detailed analysis of the Superior Walls system provides builders, contractors, engineers, and architects the information needed to develop their designs using superior products. Xi precast foundation walls are the future of eco-construction, and we are on the leading edge of innovation.

Superior Walls System Construction

Nearly everything is insulated in the Xi, including corners, studs, and bond beams. Special engineering makes the wall thermally isolated and protected from exterior elements. This wall is monolithically poured (poured all at once) with high-strength concrete for solid structural integrity and reinforced with steel rebar and polypropylene fibers.

The Xi wall’s unique high strength, low water concrete mix also requires no additional damp-proofing because it benefits from technology developed for the original R-5. The Xi has a striking modern look before drywall installation due to the galvanized steel stud facings, which replace treated wood nailers. Xi's high-tech engineering and numerous advanced features make it the current top choice among Superior Walls product buyers.

Superior Walls

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