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Great Lakes Superior Walls

Great Lakes Superior Walls has been serving Michigan and Northern parts of Indiana and Ohio since 1997. Our pre-cast foundation walls have been gaining market share since that time and the business continues to grow. To date there thousands of Superior Walls foundations have been installed in Michigan and Northern Indiana. The energy efficiency, building strength, and maintenance-free aspects of an above grade Superior Walls structure are improving on building standards, value, and living comfort for little to no extra cost compared to conventional construction methods.

Licensee Headquarters: 4555 134th Ave Hamilton, MI

Great Lakes Superior Walls Founded: 1997

Acquired by Great Lakes Concrete Products: 2009

President: Dave VanBaren

With the ever more stringent energy codes Superior Walls system is becoming a solution for builders struggling to meet them. With an R-12.5 built into a wall system with a built in stud cavity ready for additional insulation, Superior Walls are a very viable alternative to traditional poured walls and additional stick framing.

We also offer stamped and stenciled finishes to the exterior face of the wall panels. This optional process gives our walls yet another edge over traditional poured walls, because we can offer the architectural aesthetics of brick, stone, stucco, and slate finishes, without the price tag or project time requirements of real brick or stone. Whether we are building for a residential or commercial project, Great Lakes Superior Walls has the capacity, knowledge, and experience to deliver the most dry, warm, and cost effective wall available today.

Corporate History

Superior Walls of America, Ltd. was founded in 1981 by Lancaster County home builder Mel Zimmerman after years of research and development on a precast foundation system. The system was designed to eliminate age-old problems of home building while providing a quick and easy way to build better and dry basements.

Corporate Headquarters: New Holland, PA

Founded: 1981

Founder and CEO: Mel Zimmerman

U.S. Coverage: 23 States

Web Site: www.superiorwalls.com

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